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We’ve all seen the Ellen Degeneres show where she talks about the painting classes with wine. From behind the television screen, they seem like a blast. In real life though, they can’t be that much fun, right? Does anyone actually attend these classes?

You betcha.

One of the largest growing classes created solely for adults is actually as fun as it seems. It’s all about attending the right one for you; it’s also important that there’s a focus surrounding the art you’re creating, otherwise you’re just paying to drink in a different atmosphere!

1. Painting Parties Are All They’re Cracked Up to Be. All the photos and hype surrounding painting parties are there for a reason: they’re as informative as they are entertaining!

2. Painting Parties Are the New Yoga. Sometimes we need a relaxing hobby that doesn’t involve physical exertion after a day at work. Why not have a few glasses of wine while learning a new skill?

3. Learning Art in a Relaxed Atmosphere Teaches You More Than You Might Think. There are two types of learners in the world: those who learn better under pressure and those who learn better while kicking back. Painting parties are all about having fun doing something with the people you love (or don’t love yet!)

4.Take Classes With People You Know or People You Don’t. Need a break from everyone you know? We understand. Need an outlet to explore with your friends? This too is perfect for you! Whatever suits your fancy, a painting party is just that.

5. You Don’t Need to Be an Artist. A painting party is still an art class and that means even if you know nothing about art, you’ll walk away with a meaningful painting as well as new experience! Even veterans of the craft can vouch for adult painting classes and just how educationally different they are.

6. You can bring you own Beverage and Food. Art Fun Studio also lets you bring whatever else you’d like, be it beer or wine and food. It’s your domain and your time.


7. It’s a Great Party Idea. Maybe you’re looking for an original idea as to where to throw your next birthday party or celebration; painting parties are the perfect venue! Your guests and yourself will all walk away with a beautiful memento and a fantastic memory of everyone together.
8. It Isn’t as Intense as a Regular Art Class. Perhaps you’ve tried traditional art classes before and trying to perfect every complicated line and shape just wasn’t something you found enjoyable. The beauty of adult painting classes is that they’re precisely whatever you want them to be! Art Fun Studio provides a lesson regarding a single image for the entire class, so no worries about being lost and confused. Art Fun Studio also offers traced lines for the inexperienced and those who simply want to kick back and work on colors rather than shapes. It’s up to you!


9. BYOB or Bring Your Own Food. Hungry? Many painting parties with wine don’t allow food; Art Fun Studio is dedicated to offering you exactly what you’d like out of such a relaxed environment. Feel free to bring any food items and enjoy a quick bite while learning how to paint.

10. You’ll Have Fun! Yes, you most absolutely will have fun. Art Fun Studio plays jazz, latin, and modern pop as well as requests from you. The environment is lively, educational, and open form. No, Art Fun Studio doesn’t do typical landscapes and boring still lifes. Every class has a different image, so every time you come back, you’re in for a treat!

Whether you’re looking for a way to learn a new skill or a way to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine with friends, Art Fun Studio is sure you’ll find a new hobby in the midst of it all!