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About Us:  Art Fun Studio has been dedicated to provide art education and entertainment for kids and adults in our community since 2015. As Picasso famously said – “All children are born artists; the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” we are helping every person to discover and express their hidden and vibrant talents by appreciating and creating art. Participation in art significantly improves a child’s learning and development potential while adults enjoy a reduction in stress from the sheer fun of being creative.

We offer unique and affordable birthday parties for kids and adult alike. In our walk-in studio you can stop by and create art work under our guidance. We make sure each bidding artist received attention. We carefully stock our shelves with the best and most popular items – so everybody find something interesting to do. 

As a local business we care about our community. We provide discounted rate for neithboring schools so kids can enjoy arts. 



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Alla Baksanskaya

Alla Baksanskaya


Alla Baksanskaya grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea with a love of nature. From a young age, Alla was fascinated with the beauty of seashells. Now a Professional artist in New York, Alla is the author of the book Seashell Picasso Nautical Mosaic: 18 Art Projects with 18 Hand Cut Templates and has developed 30 fun art and learning activities for kids called Seashell Picasso Mosaic Kits.

 Alla lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and has won awards for her applied art. Alla finds beauty and simplicity in the uniqueness of seashells, corals, sea glass, driftwood, pebbles and pearls. She enjoys creating colorful and detailed mosaics, landscapes, still life pictures, Sailor Valentines, and fantasy artworks where she uses only natural shells from all over the world and combines the colors, textures and unique shape of each shell to make a truly exquisite piece of art. A type of art called, Coquillage, Alla’s works are elegant, original and one-of-a-kind since there are no identical shells in the nature. In addition to running The Art with Fun Studio, you can find Alla leading workshops around the country for kids and adults in seashell mosaic.

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