If you are a kindergarten teacher you might have noticed the impossibility it is for toddlers to sit down in place, stay quiet and focus on the same thing for long spans of time. And in fact, that’s not how children learn best: most children learn best by doing things, playing and being physically active… at least, at a young age. They haven’t yet developed the patience to sit down through an entire lesson, so why push that on them? Teaching them through getting their interest and curiosity, through play and through discovery is much better!

boy painting during a school trip

To help get their curiosity and interest, school trips are a great option: there’s only so much you can do with the tools and the room available in a kindergarten class. If you are searching for a fun field trip in Brooklyn, how about considering our local art studio? We specialize on dealing with kids and toddlers and preparing fun activities for field trips: we offer different options, for example, many different types of painting, be it finger painting or brush, watercolouring or painting on canvas… and to make it fun and engaging for kindergarteners and grade 1 and 2 kids, we allow them creative freedom to paint their favorite cartoon characters! (However, we will work with teachers and prepare a thematic class if the teacher has a particular subject they’d like to learn about in mind.)

Preschool field trip

As creative, artistic formation is often lacking (and sometimes absent) in our schools, this is usually the children’s first, and sometimes only chance they have to experience painting for themselves and to learn about canvases, different types of brushes, the tools and materials required to start painting, the skills, the techniques… which the children not only adore and have a lot of fun learning about; but it also teaches them about creativity, curiosity and beauty. By coming to our art studio, their minds will be opened to new skills, hobbies and professions that otherwise they might not have realized existed and they will become more creative, original and learn new skills which will help them learn and perform better in school.

first grade student painting

However, learning and developing new skills is not the only benefit this art school trip could have, but it will give the kids a new outlet to express themselves through art, teach them about a new fun hobby and overall be a really fun, enriching experience for them that otherwise, they would never get to experience. They will be able to have a great time playing with different colors and techniques, sharing their drawings with friends and showing them to teachers and parents, and this fun experience out of school will help them enjoy school more, too: they will learn that the act of learning can prove useful when it comes to creating things!

kindergarten group

So, if you want to provide your pupils with a new, fun, enriching experience that they will appreciate and that they probably wouldn’t get to experience otherwise, take them to visit us in our little art studio! We can guarantee they (and you) will have a great time painting!