8 tips for throwing great Kid’s Birthday Party in Brooklyn

If you are planning kid’s Birthday Party in Brooklyn please check those tips to help you save money and time. The key to a great birthday party is proper planning. Budget, activities, theme, food, invitations – everything to make you and your child happy.

TIP 1: Make a plan and a budget. The key to a great birthday party is proper planning and that all begins with a budget. You can have a great birthday party on any budget with proper planning. Every budget should include location, party supplies and decoration, food, entertainment and party favors. Once you decide how much to spend, make your plan on how you plan to allocate your money. Birthday party packages at Art Fun Studio range from $180 to $240 for six children. Each party includes two hours of art activities, food, and fun. All you need to bring is the cake. We supply everything else.

TIP 2: Book your venue first. The proper party venue will set the tone for a great day. If you want to be involved in planning and carrying out every detail of your child’s party, look for locations like parks, church lots or your own backyard. They are plenty of those that suitable for kid’s birthday party in Brooklyn. These locations are perfect open spaces where you can hire magicians, play games or rent a bouncy house. However, if you prefer a venue which will handle a lot of the planning for you, join us at Art Fun Studio. Our experienced staff will handle most of the party details for you. You just have to show up with a cake and have a great time. Remember, that many venues fill up quickly so decide on and book your party venue early. Art Fun Studio takes reservations up to six months in advance.

TIP 3: Select your main party activity. Choose a main activity for your party that your child and his guests will enjoy. Outdoor parties are great for bouncy houses and kickball; however, bad weather will ruin your day. Art Fun Studio’s birthday parties happen rain or shine. Our professional artists will help you pick the perfect art activity for your party guests whether it is ceramic painting, canvas creations or beautiful mosaic masterpieces.

 TIP 4: Send invitation early. Kids are busy. Sometimes they are busier than their parents. Sending your party invitations three to four weeks before the party will give your guests enough time to check their calendar, block out time for your event and RSVP so you will have an accurate guest count before the big day. Some venues have a minimum number of guests so you want to make sure that families have enough time to plan to attend. No one wants to cancel a party because they didn’t send the invitations early enough for people to plan and respond.



Birthday party invitation


TIP 5: Save on paper goods. Fancy themed party plates, cups, and napkins are great but kids will have just as much fun with a plain blue plate as long as there are having fun with their friends. We supply all of the paper products you need for a successful party when you book with Art Fun Studio. If you just have to bring something colorful and fun, we recommend a bouquet of balloons for the party table to add that little punch of excitement. You can even tie a balloon to each child’s wrist as they leave as an extra party favor.

TIP 6: Keep the food simple. At Art Fun Studio we provide pizza and drinks for all of our parties to make it easy on you. No need for fussy or fancy food. Great New York pizza and an apple juice will make a child’s day.

TIP 7: Eliminate the traditional goody bags. Most kids’ parties end with a bag full of dollar store toys and tons of candy. But not at Art Fun Studio! If you come to Art fun Studio, children will create an artwork themselves and take it home. Sometimes it’s a beautiful 12” x 16” canvas or a fun seashell mosaic that they can proudly hang in their room for years. Other times, they may take home a brightly painted ceramic statue to keep on their bookshelf. With a great piece of art, kids won’t even miss the candy.

TIP 8: Keep the number of adults to a minimum. Art activities are a great party activity because it allows all of the attention to be on the children. Parents may be involved, but there is no need for them to oversee every minute. The Art Fun Studio is a safe environment for kids to explore their creativity under the supervision of professional artists. Many parents will allow their guest’s parents to drop them off for two hours of fun. Drop-off parties are great because they allow the host parents to spend quality time with their own child and her friends without having to make small talk with other adults.

If you planning kid’s Birthday Party in Brooklyn then we would love to talk with you. Click here to learn more about our party packages. If you have questions or are ready to book your party, call us at 718-680-0509.