Sanibel Shell Show in Florida is one of the oldest and the most prestigious and popular art show in the USA. In 2017 Sanibel Show celebrated its 80 years anniversary. It was the fabulous event with more than 200 artistic exhibits from all around the world.
The owner of Art Fun Studio in Bay Ridge Alla participated in this art show every year since 2009. Since 2016 Alla began participating with her talented students.

In 2016 Farah Sharif participated in the Show with Sailor Valentine seashell mosaic category among kids. She won the First Place award in this category. It was a great achievement for our student. Alla also won First Place award and Best in the Show for her mosaic in the professional artist class.

Our student won the first place
This year Alla and 2 students from Art Fun Studio participated in the 2017 competition.
One of the participants was 3 years old Athena and the other participant was 9 years old Hailey Ella. Both of the girls not only love art but are really hard workers.
Athena spent at least 6 hours to finish the “Mickey Mouse” mosaic. It was a very difficult challenge for a girl her age. She started her work from a sketch, made a collage from colored paper, draw on a big clam shell for the Mickey Mouse face and finished her mosaic after. She won the special Yellow Ribbon, Recognition award, and she was the youngest participant in the international show! Unforgettable experience!

Ella made for the show the “Butterfly” mosaic.
Her “Butterfly” received a lot of attention and compliments from many adult people at the show. Her mosaic has many tiny details, made from Pearl, shells and sea glass. It took a lot of patience from the young artist. It was a very time-consuming process for Ella but the same time unique art experience. Maybe the girls will never choose a career in the arts but this experience will help them in future…

Alla Baksanskaya won the Red Ribbon award, second place for her professional seashell mosaic ”Meditation”. The work was made from thousand tiny baby Blue mussel shells and many another an exotic seashells.

first place at Sanibel show 2016

artwork from sanibel shell show

We have many seashell mosaics on display in our exhibition. Please stop by and open for yourself the world of seashell art.
The Art Fun Studio is the not just an ordinary place where you can paint or make a mosaic…We are an art experience for individuals, family, group of friends or kids!