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Corporate Painting Parties

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Welcome to Virtual Team Building with Art Fun Studio. For years, we have hosted Corporate Painting Parties in our Brooklyn Studio and today, we are excited to launch our fun, unique parties across the country and around the world! All you do is choose a theme, provide the wine, and paint.

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Virtual corporate painting parties are the perfect team-building experience when your team cannot be together in person. The relaxed atmosphere helps creativity flow which is good for the mind, body, and soul. Each party lasts approximately 90 minutes with plenty of opportunities for everyone to engage, ask questions, and get to know each other a little better.

Why choose our studio!

We take the worry out of planning by supplying and shipping everything you need for a great party. A professional artist hosts each party so you know that you are getting the best instruction possible. We take great pride in preparing for each party to make sure that your team has an outstanding experience.


Step-by-Step instruction and interactive video over Zoom

Our art instructor will walk your party participants through step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful painting. The session is interactive. We will talk and answer questions as we paint. By the end of the party, everyone will have a beautiful picture and a great memento from our time together.


Free shipping on all art supplies.

We will package and ship all of the painting supplies to your team members. Each participant will receive paints, a pre-traced or blank canvas, an apron, three brushes, and a mixing plate. If you choose, we can even ship an easel.All shipping fees in continental US are included in the party price so there are no hidden costs, ever. We ship internationally as well!


State of the Art Technology

A professional painter will join you from our art studio using a state-of-the-art video and audio setup for a clear picture and sound. Our team also includes a dedicated audio/visual technician to ensure that your party is free of technical difficulties.

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Customer’s Success Stories

I highly recommend Art Fun Studio for events, especially corporate team building events! Alla, the owner, hosted a virtual paint class for my group and everyone had a fantastic time. Her pricing is very reasonable and her team takes care of every detail with care. There are plenty of painting options to choose from on the site – we went with a classic NYC scene. I was impressed by the studio’s video techniques that allowed us to follow painting instructions/demo via livestream. Art Fun Studio will pack and ship all supplies necessary to help you host a group session during the pandemic. We had so much fun and look forward to doing business with Art Fun Studio again! Thank you.

Marilyn Machado

Bank of America

I booked Art Fun Studio for a team building activity, and my team and I had a lovely session with Alla. Her cheerful and positive energy brought smiles to our faces. All of our paintings looked beautiful, and she encouraged each of us to bring our own unique choices to our artwork. Thank you, Alla and Art Fun Studio!
Lisa G.

Office Manager/Engagement Associate, Betterment

Get the right price for your event!


Includes new easel
  • Black Metal Easel
  • Whether you use it for painting support or as an art display, this lightweight aluminum easel is perfect for small works of big value. It folds up for easy storage and transport, and its adjustable wings can stably support larger art or display materials.
Prepare for the event
Alla led a virtual paint class for our team event and she was amazing. She has so much energy and is VERY patient. Everyone had a great time. I highly recommend Alla and Art Fun Studio.
Leah Levitte
Leah L.
I booked Art Fun Studio for a team building activity, and my team and I had a lovely session with Alla. Her cheerful and positive energy brought smiles to our faces. All of our paintings looked beautiful, and she encouraged each of us to bring our own unique choices to our artwork. Thank you, Alla and Art Fun Studio!read more
Lisa Gentile
Lisa G.
I highly recommend Art Fun Studio for events, especially corporate team building events! Alla, the owner, hosted a virtual paint class for my group and everyone had a fantastic time. Her pricing is very reasonable and her team takes care of every detail with care. There are plenty of painting options to choose from on the site - we went with a classic NYC scene. I was impressed by the studio's video techniques that allowed us to follow painting instructions/demo via livestream. Art Fun Studio will pack and ship all supplies necessary to help you host a group session during the pandemic. We had so much fun and look forward to doing business with Art Fun Studio again! Thank more
Marilyn Machado
Marilyn M.
Brought my class here. Very friendly and patient with my students
Judy Cappuccio
Judy C.
I celebrated my daughters 8th birthday there and we had a fabulous time!
Lisa Bourne
Lisa B.
Had my kid's 5th birthdya with 13 friends. we had a BLAST Alla was amazing with kids and with organization in general. Big thanks. All kids left with cute art work that they made and parents were happy .read more
Y kut
Y K.
Had an amazing time!!! See you soon
Natasha Swartz
Natasha S.
I had an amazing time ! Brung my 2 year old here for a valentines date and Alla was a gem ! She was very patient with us and gave suggestions to help us create the perfect masterpiece. Will definitely be backread more
Cassandra Towe
Cassandra T.
Recently, we had our 6-year-old's birthday party at Art Fun Studio. Wow, was it awesome! Not only were the owners the most wonderful hosts, but the artistic concepts taught to the kids were amazing too. Patience, focus and excitement were all clearly present in how they hosted the party. They also took pictures of the party with a professional camera, which they shared with me! This allowed me the free time to circulate during the party and really enjoy the guests' parents. Excellent party from start to finish!read more
Alison B
Alison B
I highly recommend this studio. My son has had playdates and his birthday there. I brought my class there today and was very pleased. Alla is well prepared and friendly. She is flexible and helpful! I look forward to future visits as a mother and a more
Michele Lucks Denman
Michele Lucks D.
The owners were very generous with the time. Although we arrived late they allowed us to take our time! I came with 4 kids ages 15-7 and they all enjoyed and created beautiful pieces! Everyone walked away happy! Great experience! Will definitely return again!read more
shira rezhets
shira R.
This is a great place to bring your kids to. I was there yesterday with my 3 grandkids and had a blast! Alla is super sweet, helpful, warm and pleasant. She helped my grandkids with their canvas paintings and with the sculpture. She even helped me with my painting while I attended to my 10 month old baby. She took lots of great pictures and put on some great Holiday music as we worked. It was definitely a fun filled day and I can't wait to do it again. Thank you Alla for making our day a very SPECIAL ONE!read more
Jay Bonilla
Jay B.
Booked a party for a kids birthday party and had a great experience. Nice, helpful and energetic owner named Alla was super responsive via email and party turned out well. If you book just one room, just note that the space is narrow so it's.vit tight for the adults standingg around to chat. Nonetheless, great value and experienceread more
Irina Young
Irina Y.
It is fun and beneficial to visit Art fun Studio. Students have to listen to directions to complete their masterpiece! I go every year with my class as well as the entire grade.
Vicky Mountogiannakis
Vicky M.
I am so extremely happy that my husband and I decided to have our daughter’s 1st birthday party here at Art Fun Studio. This truly is a gem! The whole process, from booking the party to the day of the event, was so easy and straightforward. My daughter became ill a few days before her scheduled party and Alla was so thoughtful in helping me reschedule the event. Alla and Eugene were absolutely amazing the day of the party and so helpful throughout the whole event. The kids in attendance, and the adults, all had a great time and loved the space. There were so many little touches throughout the party that made everything so special for our daughter. I definitely plan to have another event here in the more
Claudine Marcantonio
Claudine M.
I recently planned my daughter's 5th birthday party here and chose the small canvas painting along with a ceramic painting package. To start the parking was difficult (for me and guests) even with paid street parking on the main avenues. Upon arriving to the place, their main sign was posted outdoors with my daughters name written on it so no one could miss it (this was a nice touch and I appreciated the sign). The painting activities and party was everything I thought it would be and fit close to 20 people comfortably for a smaller place. It was homely and the kids had the opportunity to use their imagination and be creative. For some Alla may come across as rude when she is making suggestions on the paint and what to do or not do when painting. However, I saw this as a passion for her business and her love for art. It was not viewed as rude and the kids were still able to stick with their ideas, even with suggestions. I would highly recommend art fun studio for a party and I will also be planning to come back for an adult sip event and/or a quick painting session with my more
Jason Cardez
Jason C.
I love this place. I was looking for a art studio last minute for my daughter's birthday and found it on the internet.The instructor was very great with the step by step instructions. Everyone painting came out so great!!I would definitely recommend it to my friends and more
Tisha Lettman
Tisha L.
We were looking for an art studio to try some arts and crafts. When we went there, there was a party or event with a small group but the owner was very nice and greet us. She was busy but she was also tentative to us and everyone else. My daughter started to paint and didn’t like a color and was upset over her masterpiece. The owner was very calm and show her ways to start over and repaint over her area. She also show her some technique and at the end we both had fun and my daughter got to paint her masterpiece the way she envision. Happy kid =happy mom. We enjoy going there as our first time and like the attention and service from the owner!read more
Annie Kong
Annie K.
My 5 year old son loved painting a pre-sketched canvas. The owner patiently guided the kids through the process of layering each color.
Michael Cheung
Michael C.
My daughter very excited after visiting this place! We were there on friend’s birthday and Halloween party. Thank you, Alla!
Aleksandra Lysachok
Aleksandra L.
Kids had a great time. The owner is amazing. Highly recommend.
We had my daughter’s 5th birthday party here. It was a great experience from beginning to end. They went above and beyond for us. So much fun! We would definitely have another party here.
Charly Ruiz
Charly R.
Brenda Rochlitz
Brenda R.
My son had his 7th bday there,it was amazing.. Everything was taken care.. The price was great!
Cheyenne Lilly
Cheyenne L.
What a great creative and fun studio! Staff is very helpful and we had a really enjoyable time! We will definitely return for more projects....
Goldie Weingarten
Goldie W.
I’ve taken my summer program group here the past two summers, and each time was wonderful! Alla creates a positive and fun experience. She is patient with the children and gives helpful tips while they are painting. There is a large variety of canvases to choose from, the children were so excited to see some of their favorite characters! We are looking forward to visiting again!read more
Nancy O'Dea
Nancy O.
My girls really enjoyed painting here. Alla was very patient and very nice with my kids. I definitely want to come back again!
Catalina Mercado
Catalina M.
My Daughter and I had a blast today at the Art Fun Studio. Alla really helped us out a lot. She made sure my daughter had a great time. I Highly recommend the Art Fun Studio.
Michael McEvoy
Michael M.
Wonderful and unique experience! We threw a secret party for our friend. It was amazing. I had my kids (2and4 y o) with me and we all painted nice canvases and had fun!The place is nice, clean and cozy. I will definitely come for more painting with my kids.I recommend this place and this kind of celebration!read more
Alena Alexandrovna
Alena A.
We booked our daughter's 6th birthday party and had an amazing time. The facility accommodated all of our little guests and parents. Alla was a great host. She takes care of every single detail from canvas/ ceramic prep, decoration, food and drinks, music, and PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS! Very impressive. Our guests were very pleased! Highly recommend!read more
Justin D
Justin D
Very pleasant owner, extremely family friendly highly recommend for all ages from little kids to older adults.
joseph taye
joseph T.
We celebrated our daughter's 10th birthday here recently and it was fabulous. Everyone had a good time and Alla was very accommodating. Alla provided everything and she even takes good quality photos of the event. The only thing that you must provide on your own is the cake, but that is nothing compared to what Alla more
Sacha Parchment
Sacha P.
Really friendly staff. Lots of canvases and ceramics to choose from. My kids had a great time. 😁👍🏽
Lizzy Wizzy
Lizzy W.
I had my son's 5th birthday party here and it turned out great! All of the kids got to chose between either a small canvas or a ceramic figure. Kids had a blast painting followed by pizza and juice. Prices are reasonable. Alla the owner is wonderful and very friendly. Would definitely have a party here againread more
Danielle Caffarilla
Danielle C.
Great place for small parties. Held my daughter's 5th Party here and they had a blast. A no fuss, no worries type of party. Will definitely recommend hosting parties here for young children!
Great Party!I’m really happy with the party and experience. The kids came, painted, and enjoyed pizza and cake. The kids were really into the painting. Parents also participated. Facility was neat and clean. I would recommend to friends and more
Damien Webster
Damien W.
very fun! I had a great time!
marwa bhuiyan
marwa B.
We had our daughter’s birthday party at Art fun studio recently and it exceeded my expectations. Alla and her husband were fantastic. They literally did everything. Aside from the painting, they also helped us serve food, cut the cake and take pictures. All the kiddies had a great time. I totally recommend this venue for birthday events!read more
Linda Wong Seto
Linda Wong S.
Our son had his 5th bday party here, and it was fantastic. Alla so clearly loves what she does, bringing a delightful creative energy, and she's terrific with kids too. I was really surprised to see a bunch of 4- and 5-year-olds focused on painting ceramics and canvases for at least half an hour. It's also a great space, and Alla and Eugene made sure everything ran smoothly, so that once the party started, there wasn't much we had to worry about. Highly recommend Art Fun Studio for a birthday party!read more
Lance Rubin
Lance R.
Our son had his 5th bday party here, and it was fantastic. Alla so clearly loves what she does, bringing a delightful creative energy, and she's terrific with kids too. I was really surprised to see a bunch of 4- and 5-year-olds focused on painting ceramics and canvases for at least half an hour. It's also a great space, and Alla and Eugene made sure everything ran smoothly, so that once the party started, there wasn't much we had to worry about. Highly recommend Art Fun Studio for a birthday party!read more
Lance Rubin
Lance R.
Alla was very sweet and encouraging. I definitely recommend going here
Alex Rose
Alex R.
Thank you very much for a wonderful birthday party for our 8 year old! It was a challenge because our little artist chose her own design. But Alla was able to make the birthday girl's dream come true ))))read more
Anya Tsi
Anya T.
Felt very homey & had a blast with my granddaughter coloring
myjaxie corcino
myjaxie C.
Very organized, professional and fun! We had a great time. Very creative artist!!! Can work with different art mediums, canvas, plaster, shells, glitter.. amazing!
Julia Sorokin
Julia S.
Alla was extremely nice and pleasant. She encourages your art work and gives you positive direction to complete your master piece/artwork. I would recommend anyone all ages to go to Art Fun Studio. My kids are already talking about going back. We may become more
Helena McCalla
Helena M.
I had a great time. I went with my family and friends. Alla was amazing. She was very helpful and she tried her best to accommodate us. Our group had kids from all ages from 2, 8, 10, 12, 15 and we all had more
genesis alcantara
genesis A.
Wonderful! Professional and very carrying owner. This is our 4th time we come here. My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves it. I am planning the selebrate her next birthday party here. Thank you Alla!🤗😍read more
Alla Shvaryova
Alla S.
We had such a fun, family bonding experience! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is helpful and friendly.
Ms. X
Ms. X
Very nice and friendly please had an amazing time there reasonable prices
Rosa Moshiyeva
Rosa M.
Just had my son's 3rd birthday party here and it was an awesome time! Surprisingly even a bunch of active 3 and 4 year olds were really engaged in the artistic process to the very end. Alla masterfully led the entire experience and everything ran smoothly and well organized, as well as really fun even for adults. Alla and her assistant took beautiful photos throughout and it was a huge bonus to have that as part of the package. Everyone still tells me how good of a time they had. Highly recommend!read more
Natasha Mikhalchuk
Natasha M.
I just had my daughters party at Art Fun Studio. The space was very large and clean. The kids had so much fun on all of the equipment and the staff kept everyone entertained the whole time. The party was very organized and we didn't have to do a thing!!! Will deffinately be more
Nataliia Parashchuk
Nataliia P.
This was my first Sip and Paint ever and it will not be my last. I will definitely be coming back here again for more. This place was soo much fun.
Netty Jay
Netty J.
Celebrating Antonette's B'day. Loved it.
Cindy Holley-Taylor
Cindy H.
It was a #Beautiful experience, the staff there was very helpful. ❤️❤️❤️💁🏻
Duquan White
Duquan W.
Love this studio ! Owner Alla is very nice �! She surely know what Kids want and make them have fun and enjoy the painting! Definitely will bring Kids come back again for the party or classes . Highly recommended!read more
Meilan WY
Meilan W.
It was a fun place. Alla is very patient and excellent with the kids.. will be going back soon.
Anna Rodriguez
Anna R.
Super fun!
Latiema Chisholm
Latiema C.
Celebrated my birthday at Art Fun Studio and everything was perfect! Such a fun place! Totally recommend.
Rosanne Kathleen
Rosanne K.
What a wonderful evening for a birthday party (adults). For a few hours, everything disappears and you are in a world of crearivity. Alla is a ball of hospitality, positive energy and so accommodating. She creates the atmosphere where everyone can feel like an artist. If you don't know how to paint, she will help you just enough and yet make it feel like it is your own painting. Would love to return to do another project with Alla!!read more
Maya Bee
Maya B.
The owner Alla is very friendly person. We had a great time. This place is amazing. Highly recommend to everybody.
Diana Gangal
Diana G.
Alla! You are wonderful. So talented, sweet & hard working. You make sure things go just perfect. ��
Lorraine LaCorte Perazzo
Lorraine LaCorte P.
Such a wonderful experience!!!! Alla is wonderful!! Wild definitely come back!!
Rachel Zajac-Mojica
Rachel Z.
We had a private party. The staff was wonderful and a great atmosphere. There was a lot of choices for canvas and ceramic figures to paint. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed painting without being rushed. I would really recommend this place and will be back to paint again 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful experience 🙂read more
Karen Marie Kotila
Karen Marie K.
I’m in love 😍 with this place !!! Such a great idea to throw a party 🎉 or just come and relax and enjoy painting 🎨 Alla is amazing ) You’ll feel very welcomed there))) strongly recommend Art fun studio!! 💓💓💓read more
Albina Koloskoff
Albina K.
Amazing place! Alla is very charming. Great idea for a birthday party.
Angelina Zhelezova
Angelina Z.
Alla and Eugene were so warm and kind. She made my guests very comfortable and welcomed. I would definitely do it again at this location.
Jeanette Eans
Jeanette E.
We had our twins 5th birthday party there and they had a great time with their friends!!
Elena Damico-Scire
Elena D.
Just celebrated my son 5th Birthday here, with last minute hockey (goalie) theme. Alla and the crews did an amazing job! Quick, processional and kids sure enjoyed it here. Highly recommended!!!
Sayamon Sjc
Sayamon S.
WOW! What can I say? We had our daughter's party there last week and it was nothing less than AMAZING! I had a range of kids from 3 years old to 9, and Alla and her crew made sure everyone was involved and engaged despite the big age difference! Not having to worry about anything (pizza, decorations and TAKING PICTURES) made this literally one of the easiest and stress free parties I've ever coordinated. I 100 percent endorse Art Fun Studio for any parent giving their child a party (and totally worth the cost for ALL That you get!) and I look forward to coming back to do sip and paint as an adult there too!read more
Steff Jenkins
Steff J.
Had a fabulous paint party here with my friends! The owner was helpful and so funny! Loved that they took pictures for our group and even provided cups. Great night out! Would recommend to others and plan to come back!read more
Rebekah McGee
Rebekah M.
Girl Scout Troop 2261 has a wonderful experience at Art Fun Studio. The studio ia clean, warm, and has a great vibe. The reservation process was seamless and the owner was attentive to our needs during the day of the event. She also gave the scouts suggestions on their paintings and was very kind. We would definitely come more
Adia Jo
Adia J.
My 8 year old daughter and I had such a great time at the studio. We even brought a canvas home to contiune painting. The owners were so kind and friendly. They were a great help with mixing the colors to get the right shade for our Elsa piece. We will definitely go back for more more
Roselyn Santillan
Roselyn S.
Alla is very helpful and friendly person, i love working with her , and they have very nice place to have fun �
Heba Alrahawan
Heba A.
We had such a great time! Alla and her husband are the most gracious of hosts. Highly recommend!
Kathy Evans Silverstein
Kathy Evans S.
A wonderful place! Kids can have a great time there, and their parents as well!
Ileana Munteanu
Ileana M.
I just celebrated my birthday here last night and all I can say is it was a PHENOMENAL experience! A HUGE thank you to Alla and Eugene for hosting myself and my girlfriends!! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!! Alla and Eugene are extremely kind, patient, and accomodating. They helped to ensure that EVERY detail of my party was PERFECT and they let me personalize the experience for my guests in so many ways! If you are going to do a Sip and Paint, you must do it here. Everything was PERFECT...Thank you Alla and Eugene for everything! 💋💋read more
Clidège Pierre
Clidège P.
Starr Palmer
Starr P.
We just had our party here today and it was a great experience. My son said this was his birthday yet. The instructor was patient with kids a different ages. I would definitely go there again and have another party there. I plan on doing a paint night with my friends there. Thank you for making my sons birthday specialread more
Lucille Mcgrath
Lucille M.
Such a great experience! I celebrated my 30th birthday with family and friends, it was definitely a night to remember. Both Alla and Eugene were noting less of amazing. Thank you both for a remarkable night. -Christina and Dejaread more
Chris Whaley-Edwards
Chris W.
Attended the Halloween party today at art fun studio with my three kids and two nephews, I was more than pleasantly surprised ! The kids got to paint on canvas , eat pizza and spun a wheel for prizes where they each walked away with an additional project to do at home. The highlight was the owner , she was accommodating provided guidance and suggestions and was very friendly. As I had a look around I saw the prices to paint ceramics were set a bit lower than the other neighborhood ceramics locations. Prices start at 15 per piece and they welcome walk ins! We will definitely be back !read more
Stacey Panagos
Stacey P.
Absolutely LOVE this place�����Celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday, picked mosaic art package and it was a blast� When u have such hostess as Alla, no need to worry about anything. She is full of energy, and her interaction with each and every person is amazing. I highly recommend this place to everyone either for walk-ins or kids/adult birthday parties��read more
Tamuna Chokhonelidze
Tamuna C.
We celebrated our son's 7th Bday here and every kid had a blast! Alla was very fun, energetic and patient with all the kids! Her instructions were clear and she always interacted with all the kids. After we left, my son asked if we can come back here next year:)read more
Elmyra Mordkovich
Elmyra M.
"I came here for my daughter’s birthday and she loved it here! She’s already asking me when are we coming back! Very friendly and helpful workers! There are lots of choices to choose from to paint. We will definitely being going back."read more
Shahnaz Moutan Sarsour
Shahnaz Moutan S.
The overall experience was outstanding!!! We just held my son's 7th birthday here. Alla and her husband provided amazing service. She is the person with the passion. I would highly recommended Art Fun more
Magdalena Maciak
Magdalena M.
Thank you Alla for making out Saturday fun. We will be back again soon, with some friends. Your studio is fun, friendly and warm atmosphere for creativity �.
Karen Mira-Padilla
Karen M.
Alla is great! Very helpful and patient. Each time I go my kids and I have a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!
Sagrav Yhtac
Sagrav Y.
Awesome experience and great atmosphere. If your in Brooklyn, try them out! You'll love it!
Conrad Johnson
Conrad J.
Our summer program came to visit as part of an art themed week. We had a bit of a travel coming from Elmhurst but it was well worth it! Alla was so welcoming and sweet. Our students were glued to her as she gave instructions on how to create canvas paintings using acrylic paint. They were so concentrated and interested in the lesson that they barely made a peep. They were given much advice on how to enhance their paintings further with different techniques and they all made successful works of art. They gained a lot of knowledge while having a fun time. We would definitely recommend Art Fun Studio to anyone, and hope to come and visit again soon!read more
Nancy O'Dea
Nancy O.
Great place! Highly recommended! Alla, thank you so much for great job you did! Julia was very happy!
Tatiana Shapoval
Tatiana S.
I really enjoyed my time here today by far the best sip and paint place I've been too.
Veronica Leach
Veronica L.
I had the best time here!Ive done some Sip & Paint at other places BUT this was the best experience ive had!The instructor was FUN, Helpful & knowledgeable. She was a sweetheart!I will def be coming backread more
Tina Mc
Tina M.
We just held my son's 4th birthday here and it was fantastic! Alla is wonderful. She offers so many little extra details that make the party so special. She also genuinely cares about each child's experience. I would highly recommend art fun studio for a birthday!!!read more
Elizabeth Mazzapica Nakhleh
Elizabeth Mazzapica N.
I had an amazing experience. Alla was so helpful!!! I was able tobmake a mosaic tree that I have been wanting to do for a long time.
Maria Peters Veal
Maria Peters V.
Spent my birthday there in January with my mom and sister and had champagne and painted such a gorgeous piece of art that is hanging in my bedroom. Last night, I had the pleasure of going again with my husband for a rare date night and we had a blast. Alla is so accommodating and is so talented and sweet. It is a pleasure to be around her, to paint, and to be at the Art Fun more
Nancy Cruz
Nancy C.
Booked a birthday party for my 4yo last minute and was very pleased.
Tamara Grytsencko
Tamara G.
I took my son with his cousins to Art Fun Studio and they had the greatest time painting few projects. The owner went above and beyond for them to have a great time and learn at the same time. They come out with really beautiful art creations. Thank you Alla. We will definitely be more
Veronica Veronica
Veronica V.
Took my granddaughter here during school break. We had a great time! THe staff was wonderful, patient and attentive. My granddaughter was very proud of the work of art she completed. We will definetely be back!read more
Mary Nelson DiGangi
Mary Nelson D.
Art Fun Studio is the ideal place for kid's parties! No hassle, no stress! Just show up and have fun! I celebrated my son's 1st birthday party here and for two hours my guests were able to show off their creative side. This type of children's party kept the kids very engaged. Alla was so sweet and so helpful throughout. I absolutely love the fact that this place is all inclusive! No set up no clean up, just show up! Thank you so much for allowing Miles to experience a great 1st birthday party!read more
Shante Pumphrey
Shante P.
Let your creativity show at this beautiful place! Alla is patient, friendly and loves painting and mosaics...helps too if you need it, reasonable prices for all ages! The ceramics are up-to-date with Disney, Paw Patrol, Princesses, Turtles, birds, bridges and much more!read more
Irene Cookie Durinda Strienfeld
Irene Cookie Durinda S.
My daughter had so much fun. Alla and her husband Eugene were very nice and patient !! Thanks so much.
Laura Sucato
Laura S.
What a wonderful place!! I recently took my class on a trip to paint sheep for our STEAM Expo. Our host Alla was amazing with my students. She was patient, kind & praised them like unique artists. They had such a great time & asked if we can go back again! Thank you Alla!!!read more
Rina Mastropierro
Rina M.
Awesome fun place you go at yr own pace i love my picture tooooo ! Happy Birthday to Me♡ very sweet lady:)
Theresa Falsetta
Theresa F.
Just celebrated my daughter's birthday with some of her close friends at Fun Art Studio and they loved it. It was very special and memorable experience all Thanks to Allá and her husband. Allá was very sweet,warm,attentive and provided with tips and ideas with our projects , her husband was very helpful and giving us what we needed . Everything went so smoothly and so enjoyable they really made us feel like home. My daughter enjoy it so much that she already making plans to go back with her . Thank you so much Alla for a beautiful experience. I highly recommended. Jeanette more
Jeanette Lopez de Gonzalez
Jeanette Lopez de G.
This is a great place for all ages!!! We first came to a studio just to try it out and fell in love right away. My 2 and 4 year old boys love it and keep talking about the studio. Not only the prices are very decent, but the whole atmosphere is incredible. Alla is very inspiring, true artist. We also had my older son's Birthday party there last weekend and all kids and the parents were very happy. One mom kept texting me for a few days after saying how her son kept talking about the experience. I was surprised to learn that apparently that child did not like painting, or pizza, and you should have seen him having a blast with both. Alla, thank you very much for such unforgettable time!!!!read more
Julia Petrova
Julia P.
If you're looking for a place to celebrate a kids birthday then this is the place to book. We came here to celebrate my niece 10th birthday and she absolutely loved it. Alla was very accommodating and a pleasure to be around. She made sure everything ran smoothly and was extremely helpful in assisting and guiding us through the painting process. Being that the birthday girl absolutely loves elephants, Alla was also able to provide the children with elephant templates to paint. She provided a sample canvas painting but encouraged the children to freely paint, while she provided all necessary colors and water.The pizza and juice, which were included, were a perfect addition to the party. As well as the amazing photography that was provided so that the adults could focus solely on the children and painting.Overall, I was extremely impressed and highly recommend this studio as your next birthday celebration destination. The studio was spacious and beautifully decorated. And the best part is that you get to go home with your artwork at the end 🙂read more
Lee J Fernandez
Lee J F.
Had a great time at Fun Art last night Alla was fabulous and the patience of a saint. Would go back for more fun
Diane Piccininni Henderson
Diane Piccininni H.
I had my daughters 5th birthday party here. It was GREAT!! the children all had a wonderful time and Alla (owner) was so sweet and she took care of everything. All I had to do was get the cake and show more
Cindy Garcia
Cindy G.
I planned a sip and paint Birthday event and loved it. Alla is very accommodating and makes sure that your needs are met. Alla makes the classes fun and interesting. She pays a lot of attention to detail and delivers well. As you are enjoying she makes sure to capture those special moments, while you just relax and sip! Thank you so much for your services I will def book again!read more
Gisette Brito
Gisette B.
I had an amazing time at Art Fun Studio. Alla and Eugene were amazing and encouraged artistic expression and provided guidance and tips when necessary. The energy was high and laughter filled the air. I had a great time and I can't wait to visit the studio again!read more
Mi Mi
Mi M.
Alla and Eugene are very personable and very accommodating. They provide detailed guidance on completing your artwork, yet they also support and encourage personal creativity. I will indeed patron their business again!read more
Sherika Hinton
Sherika H.
It was a great place and we will be back! They have lots of events for all ages.
Claudia Foglia Deliteris
Claudia Foglia D.
My Daughter's 6th Birthday Party was Amazing! Alla and her Husband's Attention to detail are impeccable!Excellent wih the kids! Every Kid including my Daughter LOVED IT! Thank You for a Great Day!
Ira Silver
Ira S.
10 stars! Alla, the studio owner and artist, and her husband Eugene are great. They gave us an amazing personalized experience for my birthday sip and paint for 30 adults. Alla created a nice piece for us to paint and were great hosts. Nice part of it is that you can byob and food. Everyone enjoyed. Thanks Alla and Eugene!!read more
Christina Portelos
Christina P.
My daughter had a great time for her birthday! Alla was extremely helpful and patient with the children. She made sure to help each and every single one of them with their painting and encouraged them throughout the entire time we were there. They loved the entire experience! Both Alla and Eugene were very friendly and provided a warm, amicable, yet professional environment for all of us. We will definitely be back!read more
Dally Gomez
Dally G.
We came here for a paint night to celebrate my birthday and we all had such a blast. Alla was super nice and everything was 100% customizable -- I was able to reserve a private time for just my friends and I was able to select ANY painting/picture I wanted. I literally sent her a google image (which had turned out to be from a famous painter that she knows personally) and she painted it herself a week beforehand. It was a really difficult level and since none of us are actual artists, she had printed out little step by step guides to show us what each step should look like.We were able to order food to the studio and we also brought our own wine and beer. She let us drop off all this stuff earlier in the day so we didn't have to carry it with us later on. She provided glasses and cutlery and everything. They have an iPad that is connected to the studio speakers, so you can either send a playlist to them beforehand, or play whatever you want on Spotify.The best part was Alla's personality! She was so fun and funny and PATIENT with us. She had a lot of positive energy. Her husband was there too helping out and assisting with whatever we needed. They were also taking nice photos throughout the night and sent them to us almost immediately after. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!!read more
Kyriaki Kip
Kyriaki K.
We just held our daughter's 8th Birthday party here and everyone had a very good time. Our friends commented on how nice Alla and her husband were. I think we just gave them new future business! Thanks Alla for making our daughter's party so more
Bernard Kho
Bernard K.
This place Is fantastic!!! I loved it!!! The kids had a lot of fun!!
Jasmin Fattouh
Jasmin F.
Alla was great! She was patient and helpful. There were many options to choose from. Alla really let my niece be an artist!
Joy Wrigley
Joy W.
Our family spent few hours this weekend and really enjoyed every minute! So much fun!!!
Vadim Akopyan
Vadim A.
Had a wonderful time painting. Artist store owner, Alla is so nice. She is very attentive and accommodating. Looking forward to going back.
Debbie Ashton
Debbie A.
Great place I had a amazing time with my family I willDefinitely go again thank you for a amazing night
Lydia Diaz
Lydia D.
My daughter and her cousins had an amazing time today. Thank you. See you soon
Damaris Lopez
Damaris L.
my daughter loves art fun studio and requested weekly art classes for her holiday gift this year.
Isana Gitsis
Isana G.
My daughter attended to a class here and had a lot of fun. Teacher was very nice and professional. Thanks for a great time!
Elena Lebedeva
Elena L.
My son had a great time. Looking forward to more
Anna Vaysman
Anna V.
Great place, art projects for any age and any interest and ability
Alina Rotenstein-Cherny
Alina R.

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