To create a real art experience, it is very good to have an easel. We started offering 2 variants of easels that both great for work and display of artworks.

The first easel we introduce is quite unusual. It is made from wood and has a very unusual shape. Not only can you use this pocket easel as a great table easel anywhere, it also is fantastic for display of “edge to edge” paintings and can be a great choice for travel, second or third easel, setting up to paint anywhere without it sliding. The rubber pads at the base really keep this easel in place and even firm brush strokes could be made as solidly as with other tabletop easels.

Key Features:

  • Made of finished beech wood
  • Each 12″ long with a notch cut out at an angle
  • Rubber pads on the bottom hold easel sections firmly in place
  • Holds canvas up to 30″ high and any reasonable width and at an ideal viewing and painting angle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Handles the small and medium canvases
  • Take up virtually no space, very well made

Perfect For:

  • A great table easel anywhere
  • Great for second and third table easels in your studio
  • Excellent for displaying The Edge canvases
  • Having an easel ready anywhere
  • Studios with limited space
  • Classrooms and workshops
  • Holds your canvas very sturdy while you’re painting
  • Display paintings on a table at art shows


Silver Aluminum Easel


This is an excellent easel for artwork. Can hold not only stretched canvases but canvas boards as well.  These easels can be tilted conveniently to adjust the height of the canvas in accordance with the artist’s preference. Simply place the canvas on the support plank and get started with your painting project.

No matter which easel you choose, they give you a great experience painting and then proudly display your work. When you book your party with us, you can add one of them as an option to your order.