Many of our customers ask us what included in our art kits and why we provide one. The reason we assemble art kits for our customers is simple, to make their life easier. Of course, you can buy everything online at Amazon or Michaels, but there are so many choices, different prices and quality, so it will take time for a person, who doesn’t paint regularly, to figure this out. On the opposite side, our kits are tested during dozens of events we conducted online and in our studio.

What we include in our Art Kits.

1. Acrylic Paints.

acrylic paint for Sip and Paint party

We use high-quality acrylic paint. For a paint party, you usually don’t need a bottle of paint. We pour acrylic paint into a 1-ounce cup and cover it with a lid. We use only high-quality paint from brands like Blickr and Sax. I like their paint for bright colors, thick body, and fast-drying time. We usually ship basic colors and do mixing during the party, but some paintings we ship with vibrant colors like neon pink, neon yellow, magenta or violet. The paint is non-toxic, making it ideal for home settings. It is mixable with other brands of acrylic paint and dries quickly to a permanent, waterproof, semi-gloss finish. Formulated with safety in mind, Blickr and Sax paint we use contains no latex, dairy, casein, soy, egg, gluten, peanuts, or tree nuts. It is made in the USA.


2. Canvas.

canvas for art party

For each of our parties, we provide stretched canvases of good quality. Depending of the painting, some canvases we manually pre-trace some canvases. For example, for the Manhattan bridge painting, we pre-trace the most complicated architectural details to make it fun for the audience to paint. Those helping lines provide some guidance during our class. But some paintings does not require pre-tracing, for example, our super popular autumn painting. During shipping limitations in size and cost, we decided to use 12 x 16 inches canvas size. It is quite big but not huge to trigger expensive shipping. Also, many people do not have a lot of wall room. so the 12×16 is a great size.

3. Brushes.

For all our classes and parties, we ship 3 brushes – one big flat brush, one big flat medium brush and one round small brush. We use the big flat brush for the background, blending and big areas of the painting. The medium brush is quite universal – you can cover medium size areas as well as details. Because it flat brushes, painters have very good control of the brush and can make thick or thin lines.  And finally, the small brush we use only for tiny details. After the class, our brushes can be used for many other projects.

4. Apron.

One of the FAQ we have is “Is this paint washable?”. Yes, while our acrylic paint is washable, manufactures say it still can stain if left for some time. So why take chances if we can just cover ourselves with an apron? We provide recyclable poly apron with our kits. It fits adults and elder kids.

Apron for sip and paint

Everything is neatly packed into a plastic bag and then into a corrugated shipping box.

5. Surprise.

For children’s parties or some adult parties, we also ship a jar with glitter glue. Kids just love it and adding a little sparkle to an adult work is also very nice.

What we ask painters to bring to Sip and Paint event.

We ask our participants to bring only 2 things – a jar of water to wash brushes and a paper towel to clean the brushes. Everything else is included!