Every month we host many special events like kids Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties and adult Sip and Paint events. And what a party without great music. We try to tailor our music selection for the event to our audience. Kids pop for children birthdays, popular music for teenagers, a great collection from 90’s for the more mature audience and Spotify’s top 100 for young adults. But many of our customers ask us to play their favorite tunes from their phones or by searching artists in our collections.
For example, we found and play great Greek music for one party, other parties were searching for latest Jamaican and Latin beats and the list go on. How we accommodate all the million of choices of our customers? Quite simple. We use Spotify as our streaming service with millions of song which we play via our high-end speakers. And now you can create your music list for your party beforehand, at home or on the go using your phone and share the playlist with us. Usually our party duration about 2 hours, but you don’t have to create such a big playlist.

So here is step-by-step instruction how to create a playlist for your birthday party or your child birthday party and share with us:

Download Spotify free app for iPhone or Android device here: https://www.spotify.com/us/download/other/

  1. Create account or login to spotify apps.
  2. Find your favorite tunes and add it to a playlist. The playlist could be of various duration. Remember, we still have a lot of great music in our own playlists.



Select playlist on spotify for a birthday party

Select the playlist you want to share.

Select plsaylist to share

Share playlist with us by email. Send it to alla@artfunstudio.com. When you arrive for your party, your playlist will be ready.

share with us for your birthday party

Important: As a note of precaution please be sure you not including any music tagged as “explicit” by Spotify. We will filter those out. Remember, during your party it may be other people in our studio, including children. So please no foul language in any song.

Here are some comments from our customers about how we handle music for our Birthday parties.

We celebrated my friend and sister birthday at Art Fun Studio on Saturday, we had an amazing time, it was a remarkable and memorable experience. Alla the owner and artist along with her husband Eugene were very accommodating and engaging with everyone, they took time to make sure everyone was comfortable, The music was on point. It was a stress free experience from the start to finish. I spoke to Alla by phone to make all the arrangements for the event. My friends and family can’t stop talking about it. Thank you Alla and Eugene for another well done event! We will definitely come back.”


Review on Yelp.

Looking forward to host you party with a great music and painting.