Virtual Sip and Paint Party is a great way to relax and bring your family or team together. We outline 18 reasons why it even better than an in-person meeting, given new realities. The virus, distributed teams, relatives in different states all can together for a virtual party. Creative practices can offer a buffer against stress and anxiety, says Girija Kaimal, an associate professor in Drexel University’s creative arts therapies Ph.D. program and president-elect of the American Art Therapy Association. Creating things, especially in the face of uncertainty, fear, or other distressing and unsettling emotions, is an innate drive, she says. So here are our reasons:

1. It is safe during the pandemic as opposed to an in-person party. It is a fun and creative time online with your friends. According to the CDC, the virus spreads easily in small, closed spaces.

2. You don’t have to leave your home. Entertainment with a beautiful painting result, all without leaving your home!

3. Weather does not matter. Even if it’s rainy outside you don’t have to go out. Just connect with your phone or computer.

4. No driving or public transportation is required. This eliminates traffic and other headache getting to the place. Just stay home and connect.

5. You can participate even if you are sick. If you are sick but feeling okay, you can join the fun. Even better, it will help you recover.

Virtual painting event

6. Use art supplies for many projects. Before the party, you will receive art supplies consisting of different brushes, acrylic paints, an apron and sometimes even a metal or wooden easel. You may keep them for many other painting projects.

7. Save the lesson for a later time. If you can’t participate with others for any reason, you still have all the art supplies and even the video with step by step instructions by the artist to finish your painting at any time you prefer…

8. No geographic limitations. You can invite your guests from other states in the US and even from other countries without any limitations. Virtual parties over Zoom can help unite people living in different cities or countries in engaging and creative ways!

9. No space limitation on the number of guests. You never have to worry about how many guests the venue will accept. A virtual event can hold from 10 to hundreds of participants. Your party must go on!

Book different artists

10. Book artists across the country for your virtual sip and paint party. You can book your virtual event with any popular or funky artist no matter where she lives. She just connects remotely with Zoom. You can live in California but have an artist from New York.


11. No additional expenses for guests’ drinks. You do not need to think about drinks or refreshments for each party participant. Everyone will take care of themselves in their own home with their own drinks!

12. The comfort of your own home. You feel comfortable and relaxed in your own home, but at the same time painting step by step with the artist’s instructions during the party over Zoom together!

13. No fancy dress required. You do not need to dress up. Just put on some nice t-shirts.


14. Everyone can help. You can have any amount of helpers during your painting party (kids, siblings, cats, dogs).

helpers for sip and paint

15. Easy to have a break. You can follow with step by step directions during your painting event. Otherwise, you can take a brake any time or even disconnect without any excuse. You do not need to be the center of attention.

16. No unexpected expenses during a party. Your virtual event is paid in full with your order before the party starts. You never have any hidden or unpredictable expenses for the extra glass of wine or cocktail like in a studio Sip and Paint party.

17. Easy to return home after the party! You do not need to think about how to go home at night after the party even if you took too many drinks. You are already at home! It is the best news for you!

18. Nobody can judge your masterpiece. Virtual parties help to unleash your creative talent even if you do not have any prior painting experience. Nobody can judge your masterpiece because they will not sit next to you.

Virtual sip and Paint of Brooklyn Bridge

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