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Activities for “Frozen” obsessed family

Our art and craft mecca offers classes, birthday parties and mosaic for creative kids, but "Frozen" aficionados will delight in variety of our "Frozen" related offerings. Kids can paint and take home a 9-in tall Elsa figurine ($20) or they can paint Elsa on a canvas...

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Snow Day Activity For Kids for this Sunday

Snow days are fun for kids, but they can be tough on parents who aren’t quite prepared to spend all day entertaining their little ones. If you're stuck at home with a child this weekend due to Winter Storm Jonas or tied to play with snow outdoor - check out Art Fun...

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Three reasons to visit our walk-in studio

1. If you go to any other places, the most you will get is figurine to paint, brushes, paints and hopefully friendly stuff. But in our studio in addition you will receive suggestions, ideas and helpful hints from artist. This will spark your own creativity. …

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The new girls night out: Wine and canvas

The idea of mixing a blank canvas, some paint and a bottle of wine is a trend that’s spreading across the country like a cabernet on a white rug.

Adults who think they can’t do more than a paint by numbers get to paint a themed picture with instruction from actual artists, and then they get to take it home with them. Plus, they get to drink wine while painting their masterpieces.

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Kids Love Seashell Art mosaic

Gathering shells is part of summer for many of us – or we bring them back from a winter break somewhere on tropical islands. When this single shell put on a stand it remind us of this other time and place.
The intricate beauty of shells has captivated humans through the ages. These gift of nature have been put to an amazing array of uses – sharpened into tolls, ground to make medicine, blown to make music…

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